Monday, September 5, 2011

Tough Cookie

Probably the hardest part about deployment is having to be the strong one. Everyone depends on you to be strong. You face some of the most difficult challenges when your other half can't be there to help and sometimes can't even offer advice. Everyone says the first month is the hardest and the rest flies right by. That's not the case for me I'm in the half way slump. The days and nights seem to be longer and although we are closer to a return date that just seems like a mirage on the horizon. Don't get me wrong I'm so lucky that my husband isn't in combat this deployment but him just being gone is so damn hard. You never know exactly how hard it actually is until you are waving goodbye to that white bus with your husband on board. I just want to talk to someone but my perfectionism is getting in the way and I don't want anyone to see me as anything but strong. I am strong but today is just one of those days. Any wife of a deployed service member can understand what ones of those days really means.

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